SKGROUP and Radity Have Launched EVUP: E-Mobility Learning Platform

Radity Announces Launch of EVUP Learning and Certification Platform in Collaboration with SKGROUP


Zurich, Switzerland – February 12th, 2024 – Radity, a leading provider of digital design and development services, is pleased to announce the launch of EVUP, a new learning and certification platform for e-mobility, developed in collaboration with Zurich-based business consulting firm SKGROUP.

As the automotive industry and society shift towards e-mobility, a significant knowledge and qualification gap has emerged. EVUP aims to bridge this gap by offering comprehensive training and certification to individuals seeking to excel in this rapidly growing field. The platform will equip professionals and enthusiasts alike with the necessary skills to thrive in a greener, more sustainable automotive future.

Radity has played a crucial role in the conception and development of EVUP, providing expert services in service design, UX design, software development, and payment integration. The platform is cloud-native and built on the Amazon AWS platform, ensuring reliability, scalability, and security.

“EVUP is set to transform how professionals in the automotive sector approach e-mobility, with an emphasis on quality education and accessible certification,” said Michelle von Gunten, Manager & Co-Lead of SKGROUP. “We are excited about this partnership with Radity and confident that EVUP will serve as a cornerstone for professional development in e-mobility.”

“We are proud to support SKGROUP in launching EVUP. This platform represents a pivotal step towards filling the educational void in the e-mobility sector, made possible through our collaboration,” added Ozgur Aksakal, Director at Radity. “Our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions is reflected in the sophisticated design and functionality of EVUP.”

EVUP is now available for enrollment and invites individuals and companies interested in advancing their understanding and capabilities in e-mobility to join this innovative educational journey.


SKGROUP is a Zurich-based business consulting firm specializing in the SME, public and automotive sectors. For additional information about EVUP, please visit

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