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Vue.js - A Progressive
JavaScript Framework

Highly approachable, versatile and maintainable JavaScript framework. 

"The most impressive aspect is the speed at which Radity responds to our requests."

With frontend development taken care of by Radity GmbH, the client has more bandwidth to work on other valuable projects, improving efficiency. Radity uses a bevy of communication and collaboration tools to boost responsiveness and deepen engagements. Technically, they’ve exceeded expectations.

Charles Ginguené — CEO, Le 24/24

Our Expertise

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Why choose Radity for Vue.js development? 


Whether your needs are simple or complicated, our team of young talented experts ensures the delivery of your envisioned project. Vue.js provides the perfect framework to power sophisticated yet outstanding single-page applications built by Radity.

Smooth and Reliable

Here at Radity, we put great emphasis on quality. Thus, we run many tests to ensure that your Web Apps are always running smoothly and reliably. Our team constantly seeks for the most optimal solutions to minimize reload time for both simple and complicated applications.

Fast and efficient 

Allow your users to navigate through your App swiftly and flawlessly.  Provide them with the premium experience they deserve. Our team creates optimized performance techniques for Vue.js that are lightweight and allows your sites to open faster.


Vue.js is lightweight (20KB gzipped) and can be embedded even in most performance demanding applications.


Vue.js has an easy learning curve enabling development teams to scale.


Open Source Ecosystem

We at Radity love open source products with strong communities. Vue.js fits into this category perfectly with its active ecosystem.

Bonus - Vue CLI 3+

Vue.js comes with a CLI and a set of developer tools that help developers prototype, debug and optimize their codes quickly.


Vue.js itself has a minimal optimization efforts with virtual DOM. Beside Vue's built in performance optimization we use “code splitting” and “lazy loading” to minimize redundant code for users. We separate modern browser code bundles from legacy browser support code. This gives an increase in performance. Check our article about How to Boost Vue.js.

You can read more about performance optimization with Vue.js in our blog article.

Case Study to show power of Vue.js

We developed an asset management pricing simulation tool for one our clients.

This simulation depends on complex base products data. First we copy all data from base product to the simuation and calculate its factors.

When the parameters of the new product are reentered, we recalculate all cost lines and profitability. All on the fly, in a responsive UI.


Vue.js has lifecycle hooks and listens data change events and updates DOM elements dependent on this data whenever required.

To develop the price simulation all we have to do is to write computed properties. Vue.js takes care of the rest.

With Vue.js, there is no need to listen to any events, no need to re-render any DOM element. It's all taken care of.. What a great and performant tool for frontend engineering!

Vue.js is proven and used by leading names

Netflix, Adobe, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Gitlab, IBM, Behance and many more..

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