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React Development for Web, Mobile and DApps

We create beautiful, intiutive applications with the scalability, adaptability and convenience of React JS and React Native libraries.

What is React?

React, an open-source Javascript library maintained by the engineers at Facebook, Instagram, and individual contributors, helps to create interactive applications and ensures an immersive user experience.

This convenient and powerful JavaScript library uses JSX, which allows developers to build components in a centralized location and use it in front-end with HTML tags, reducing development time and costs.

At Radity, with our agile processes and DevOps practices, our feature releases are guaranteed fast and efficient.

Our React services

Being one of the most robust and versatile development architectures for building web and mobile applications, React has an important place in our technology stack.

  • React UI/UX Development
  • React Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development with React Native
  • React Migration
  • React Plugin Development
  • Maintenance and Support Services

React Native for mobile

React Native is a platform that is often chosen by businesses to develop mobile apps with one codebase that is applicable for both iOS and Android. This means, no more wasted time and resources gone into creating separate user interfaces for each operating system. 

Giants such as Uber, Walmart, Artsy, Instagram, Baidu Mobile, and many others have seen their business grow and become successful with React Native. Start building your Apps today with Radity. 

Do I need React Development? 

If you are not sure whether you need React, you need to analyze your requirements for the following instances. Radity can help you decide on the best solution for your project.

  • Cross platform mobile applications with React Native.
  • Data-heavy websites or applications.
  • Websites or apps that can be categorized into multiple components.
  • Real-time web applications like chat apps.
  • APIs that are capable of handling multiple I/O requests with the capacity to scale.
  • Building streaming apps and apps that are capable of handling traffic spikes.

Why choose Radity for your React development?

Our team of ambitious and dedicated developers has experience in working on a wide range of complex projects and providing clear-cut solutions for both small and large corporations. We follow the best industry practices to execute the projects. Hence, the development process is highly efficient and accelerated.

Migrating your apps from other platforms onto React could never be easier. Our developers make the migration process as simple and smooth as it can ever be. 

Not ready to migrate to React completely yet? - Don't worry! We help our clients find efficient workarounds by integrating their existing systems and technologies with React so that they can leverage every possible benefit of the technology. 

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