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What we do


Digital Solutions and talented developers.
For Startups and Grownups.

UI & UX Design

Purpose and human centric, we design award-winning websites, mobile apps, and web applications. From Wireframes to MVP to Pixel-Perfect designs.  Complex workflows simplified but also beauty of a brand brought out by the simplicity. These are just some examples of what we do.

UI & UX Design

Frontend Development

In 2019, 60% of your users are multi-device users. To get best out of the UX, your web application should be fast-loading, convenient and reliable. It should have smooth and intutive interactions with your audience. Our Front-end development focuses  exactly on that.

Frontend Development Vue.js Expertise React Development

.NET Engineering

Our experienced team of .NET engineers build fast and responsive web applications, create Azure Solutions, integrate them with Databases, Data Warehouses or other Enterprise Systems. .NET Engineering at its best.

.NET Core Azure

Python & Django Engineering

Our favorite open source technology stack is also the one with the highest momentum in the world. We have been developing using Python and Django since 2009. Our team includes top-tier experts in Python, Python Data Science as well as Django and Django-CMS.

PythonDjango Django CMS

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android.

We program both native but also using hybrid frameworks such as Flutter and React Native.

Flutter Development React Native Development


Lost among the options available at AWS or Azure? Or do want to host your next solution on Google Cloud in Switzerland?  Do you have concerns about Data Confidentiality, CID or Security? Our Cloud offering is complete; from Strategy to Application Hosting with a full suite of expertise including DevOps, Security, Integration and Performance.



We help you run your applications on any infrastructure and optimize your build, deploy, test, run cycles. Get the best out of your Development by optimizing your Development and Operations cycle with Radity DevOps services.


Dedicated Developers

Do you have your inhouse Development team and want to complement it with experienced Developers or Designers? Radity dedicated Developer offering gives you exactly that. Right skills at the right time at the right budget.

Dedicated Developers

PHP Development

PHP is a general-purpose programming language originally designed for web development. With the performance and features it brings, Laravel is the framework of Radity's choice for PHP web application development. It is a modern PHP web framework which follows the MVC pattern. It is based on the long time success of Symfony Framework.

PHP Development Laravel Framework

Wordpress Solutions

We assist you with the development of corporate websites, editorial portals and online shops with WooCommerce - preferably from concept to design to long-term support.


Wordpress Development

Blockchain Development

Radity has a seasoned team of Blockchain Architects and Developers with hands-on expertise in building decentralized Blockchain and crypto applications.

Blockchain Development

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