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Swiss Fintech Website

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association is the leading
FinTech hub in Switzerland. As a neutral, inclusive, and non-profit
association, the SFTA is the main FinTech network for our
500 members; a diverse group of individuals, startups, investors,
corporates, as well as various partners. 


We created a new fresh look for The Swiss Finance + Technology Association. The typography and colors follow the corporate identity and brand recognition by Swiss Fintech.

  • Accessible and user-friendly

  • Fast, dynamic and consistent

  • Easy-to-use menu

Sign Up Page

We designed a better sign up page for new companies. We create a better user experience. More readable and more stylish.

  • UX Based

  • Better reading experience



We used readable & beautiful font for good impression and experience.


Color Scheme

we used colors associated with boldness, strength, luxuriousness.

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Helvetican Robo Advisor

Helvetican Digital Welath Management Platform. Digital Onboarding, Multi-custodian Bank integration and CRM. All by Radity.

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