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Chiara is an app that provides you a platform to rent and lease items that you do not use regularly

Developed using Google Flutter. Thus, saving you money while ensuring you have what you need when you need it.

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Integrated Features

With the app’s integrated search filters, users are able to find what they need much faster and much closer. 

  • Search with location

  • Search with category

  • Search with keyword

Manage With Ease

The app allows you to manually provide information on the item's availability and the required minimum renting duration. Once a contract has been created, Chiara will automatically update on the item's status.

  • Reserved days

  • Available dates

  • Editing/Deleting products

  • Notifications for events

Trust Built on Reputations

Users are sharing their experience with the leased products and their owners via reviews and ratings. This incentivizes users to be responsible and trustworthy. 

  • Product and user reviews

  • Product suggestion

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