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Digital Copywriter

Lead and Deliver.
Be a part of team that wants to excel in shipping products and delivering projects.

This position is remote.

Job Description

Be our next Digital Copywriter at Radity.

As a digital copywriter you'll produce the written content for web platforms. Topics are related to software development, cloud platforms, app development, UX Design, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship.



As a digital copywriter, you'll need to:

  • tailor the content and style of individual writing assignments according to their purpose - whether they are intended to sell or inform
  • understand your target audience - you're writing for specific audience, so you'll need to know what interests them
  • identify key messages - understand the main thing that you want the reader to feel and do and how to communicate this powerfully
  • work with creative teams to ensure that the visual elements of the webpage complement the words
  • research industry and their audience
  • identify fresh and interesting angles for your articles
  • write for webpages, blogs and potentially for social media, e-books, slogans, and video script
  • edit your own and others' writing
  • provide other digital content, such as images and video, if required
  • input your content to the client's content management software (CMS), if required
  • work with your team to review the impact of your work
  • assist with business pitches to win new clients or projects.



You will need to have:

  • strong listening skills, so that you can understand what the client wants and effectively develop a project brief
  • excellent writing ability, including the ability to write in different styles and to other people's direction
  • good research and analytical skills to gain an accurate understanding of the subject in question
  • the organisational ability to manage multiple project
  • a creative approach, both in coming up with ideas for new projects and for getting a message across innovatively
  • the ability to work independently and flexibly
  • good attention to detail, including the ability to proofread your own and others' work
  • strong interpersonal skills as you'll be working with a range of clients as well as creative and marketing team members
  • an understanding of digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • specific IT skills, such as an understanding of HTML or WordPress