AXIS Smart Profitability Analysis Solution

The Radity team developed the AXIS solution, which significantly simplifies the complexities of financial data management. The solution meets high standards of Axcent AG and is well-prepared for future expansion.

About the Client

Axcent AG is a leading company in the finance sector, known for its innovative approaches to profitability analysis and financial management. In a strategic move to enhance their offerings, Axcent AG approached Radity to develop the AXIS Smart Profitability Analysis Solution, aimed at transforming how financial data is handled and analyzed through advanced technological integration.

The Challenge

The project's primary challenge was to design a comprehensive system that not only simplifies the complexities of financial data management but also enhances the efficiency and accuracy of financial operations. The key areas we focused on included:

What did Radity do?

Our approach included several solutions tailored to meet the complex demands of the financial industry:

UI/UX design enhancements

Advanced simulation tools

Dashboard and data management

System optimization for dual environments

Task management system

We implemented an asynchronous task management framework using SQL Jobs to manage long and intensive data operations, complete with a user-friendly interface for task status monitoring.

The Results

The AXIS Smart Profitability Analysis Solution transformed Axcent AG’s financial data management capabilities. The intuitive price simulation tools and the flow editor contributed to a more dynamic and precise financial analysis process. The seamless integration of import/export functionalities ensured efficient data synchronization, which, coupled with the robust dashboard, enhanced operational transparency and decision-making speed. The solution meets the high standards set by Axcent AG and also provides a scalable and secure platform that supports both current needs and future expansions.

The technology we used in this project

Sketch app
ASP. Net Core
SQL Server
Bootstrap Vue

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