Meet our new Hiring and Employee Management Platform: Radity HR Hub!

Meet Radity’s new Employee and Talent Acquisition Management platform: Radity HR Hub! Many start-up companies have limited time and resources for managing employee activities. For some, there is often a trade-off between fast growth and a professional work culture. With Radity’s HR Hub, this is no longer the case. HR Hub is coming to your rescue, solving a costly and tedious process known for many years as “Human Resources,” or more recently, “People and Culture Management.”

A new Radity experience that boosts your professionalism while scaling up


  • Follow HR processes on a computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Any time and from everywhere.
  • Create vacancies and publish them on your company website via an API.
  • Create and manage candidate pool from job applicants.
  • Filter your employees, candidates, and positions based on name, position, application status, candidate status, and more.
  • Store and manage your employee documents, such as CVs, NDAs, contracts, and more, via SharePoint integration.
  • Organize your HR department and distribute tasks to select users.
  • Benefit from readily available email templates. Update them and create new ones.
  • Create automated emails for each step of the hiring process.
  • Export records into your computer as an Excel file.
  • Import data from your computer.
  • No cost, fewer resources.

Professionalism with reduced effort

Talent acquisition is a long and complicated process. It all starts with a job posting. Then comes weeks, or even months of meticulous work. You assess plethora of initial candidates, eliminate some, then conduct a series of interviews to find the most suitable talent for your company. While doing so, you have to maintain respectful and punctual communication with applicants to keep your professionalism up to your company’s standards. If you fail to do so, you may tarnish your company’s reputation, discourage future applicants, or even worse, antagonize potential talent.

Therefore, if done right, Talent Acquisition processes require a lot of resources. This is particularly true for start-ups and scale ups, which often need to build people’s processes from scratch and with bigger costs. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Meet Radity’s HR Hub. With the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s strong infrastructure, Radity’s HR Hub is providing an opportunity to manage your Talent Acquisition processes digitally.

Webpage and SharePoint integration

You can easily integrate HR Hub with your own company’s career webpage and SharePoint platform. You can publish job posts, receive applications, keep the curriculum vitae of applicants in a secure platform, and communicate with applicants using automated template-based emails. In case of a successful acquisition process, you can also easily convert your selected candidates into your employees with a simple click.

Manage your employees

HR Hub is not only providing a talent acquisition mechanism, but it also provides an “Employee Management” feature with its practical and user-friendly interfaces.

HR Hub allows you to convert successful candidates into employees and automatically transfer their data. Additionally, you can keep all related employee records such as name, address, contact number, employee documents, skills, and position, in one organized platform. With HR Hub, you will spend less effort than you would normally spend when manually managing employees.

Be mobile

HR Hub is completely accessible from your mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Wherever and whenever, as long as you have internet connection, you will be able to reach all of your people.

Data matters

HR Hub also provides statistical information about your employees’ distribution. For many human resources departments, making sense of data is crucial. It allows you to monitor the organization’s evolution and to identify areas that need extra care. Therefore, HR Hub analyses data in a smart way so that you can understand your company’s employee make up and plan growth strategies accordingly.


Radity’s HR Hub is and will always be free.

Take one more step

If you are searching for a solution to manage your human resources activities in your growing company with fewer resources, no cost, and great functionality, Radity HR Hub will be a great tool for you. You don’t have to choose between fast growth and professionalism. Start using Radity HR Hub and manage your people’s processes in the most practical, efficient, and professional way while scaling up.

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