About Us

Radity creates digital solutions; Solutions that often touch to the core businesses of our clients. While we create these solutions we often help our clients to evolve as a business as well. It all starts with a need, a vision and an passionate owner. If these three are in place, we take care of the rest... Together we succeed. Since 2008 we have been developing digital solutions. We have a very successful track record, having helped startups and startup-minded companies.

The Radity DNA

In Radity, we embed our values into our company DNA. Not just into a mission and vision statement. Click here to read more about what we care about and how we work.


We have founded Radity GmbH in 2008 in Zürich Switzerland. Radity is the product of our learnings (what to do and what not to do) from our past experiences. Before Radity, we have worked at global consulting companies, international banks as well as startups.

Company Information

Radity GmbH, Max-Bill-Platz 5, 8050 Zürich (UID CHE-114.548.842, Commercial register number CH-


Max-Bill-Platz-5, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland