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Recommender Systems in Practice

28 Jul 2020 Machine Learning, Recommender Systems

Data Science @Radity - Wine Recommendation Engine - A walk-through of the many paradigms of creating a Recommender System, that will help you glance at their theoretical and practical aspects.

Flutter vs React Native: Which one to choose in 2020?

16 Jul 2020 Cross-platform, Mobile App

Cross-platform mobile development started to gain popularity with the launch of the React Native in 2015, but blazed out more with the launch of Google’s Flutter, in 2018. Since then, both frameworks have been improved continuosly, and the crucial point is which one is preferable to choose in 2020?

When to use TensorFlow vs PyTorch

10 Jul 2020 Machine Learning, Deep Learning

While developing deep learning models, a question often asked is “Should I use TensorFlow or PyTorch?”

Angular vs React vs Vue : Which one is the best choice for 2020?

18 Mar 2020 Frontend

It is impractical to imagine web development without Javascript. Angular,React and Vue are all proven Javascript Frameworks for Web Development. Which one is the best choice for 2020?

Crash Course 101 for Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

13 Mar 2020 Dynamics 365

Unleash the true power of Dynamics 365 with customizations.

The Perfect Dynamics 365 Developer CV

10 Feb 2020 Dynamics 365

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Recommender Systems in Practice

28 Jul 2020 Machine Learning