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Angular vs React vs Vue : Which one is the best choice for 2020?

18 Mar 2020 Frontend

It is impractical to imagine web development without Javascript. Angular,React and Vue are all proven Javascript Frameworks for Web Development. Which one is the best choice for 2020?

Crash Course 101 for Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

13 Mar 2020 Dynamics 365

Unleash the true power of Dynamics 365 with customizations.

The Perfect Dynamics 365 Developer CV

10 Feb 2020 Dynamics 365

Raditian - Best Free Hugo Theme

24 Dec 2019

Raditian -  A free Hugo Theme by Radity: Modern, Fast, Fresh and of course responsive.

5th UK Fintech Mission to Switzerland

20 Dec 2019 Fintech

We are happy to sponsor 5th UK Fintech Mission to Switzerland by developing a tailor-made booking system for the 30 Startups and over 120 attendees.

How to Backup Django Database to Amazon S3 Automatically and Restore

15 Dec 2019 Django, backup

How traumatizing would it be to lose all your data? How can we prevent this from happening? In this blog article, we will go through the steps together with you on how to set up an automatic backupper by one of the easiest ways possible, and we will automatize the process with Celery.

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