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Software is still eating the world.
Marc Andreessen published his now-classic “Why Software Is Eating the World” essay in The Wall Street Journal eight years ago. Today there isn't any business not shaken by software. "Digital Transformation" is the buzz. Every offline business has an online competitor. It is a matter of survival but also a matter of staying ahead of competition. It is our mission to help you stay ahead in the race to digitalization.
- Özgür Aksakal

We help you stay alive and ahead.

Our Services

Congratulations to Radity for their industry leadership!


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What we do

UX and Ui DesignUX and UI Design

We design beautiful, functional and purposeful apps, webapps and websites. From Wireframes to MVP to Pixel-Perfect designs. Complex workflows simplified but also beauty of a brand brought out by the simplicity.

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We engineer and build software, web and mobile applications, APIs and more. Our team is experienced with modern technologies and programming languages. Our processes are effective and lean. We utilize agile project management, continuous integration and delivery to build products on time and on budget.

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Cloud-Devops-HostingCloud, Devops, Hosting

We run your application on the Cloud or in a Swiss Data Center depending on your requirements. Scalable, high-performance and cost effective. We support fully automated deployments, local or test environments. Complex requirements such as Client Data Confidentiality or regulatory mandates are covered.

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Dedicated DevelopersDedicated Developers

We provide you talented and experienced developers for you to manage your project. Frontend developers, backend developers, full-stack developers, UX designers or devops.

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The Digital Journey

“Everything Starts as a Dream, but Requires Action”

Concept & UX

You have an idea, perhaps a vision. We help you refine it, tune it, and we give you the first scan of your new baby: Functional wireframes that makes you want to see your baby grow.

Design & Development

Time to turn that concept into a product. An intensive and fruitful collaboration. Designers, Developers and stakeholders. Teamwork. Big spike in our caffeine intake. But it is worth it.

Launch & Operate

Last polishes. “One more thing” moments. Before taking the curtains off, there is still a lot to do. Infrastructure ready. Check. Systems secured. Check. Content ready and error free check. Check. Check. Check... We are ready to GO.

Evolve & Support

The Go-Live is just a start. Knowledge transfer, support and adapt. We are behind the curtain. Watching your show. Watching you grow. We are here to help you evolve and help you scale.

Concept & UX
Design & Development
Launch & Operate
Evolve & Support
Development Teams

Radity has a playbook to make your digital journey a success.
Effective. Successful.
We want to be a part of your success story.

They trust us

And we trust them

My experience with Radity has been very positive. The team brings in a combination of technical skill, design acumen, and business savvy which was essential to effectively working together.
John Hucker CFA, MBA
President Swiss Finance + Technology Association
We are happy to collaborate with Radity in designing and developing enterprise-grade secure digital products using Microsoft Azure and latest .NET technologies.
Peter Weiss
CEO Axcent AG
Radity has been a reliable partner in designing and developing the Sanasearch Platform.
Kathrin Lehner
CEO, Co-Founder
Radity GmbH is a seamless communicator with a well-organized workflow. They expertly understand internal stakeholders' needs in order to realize the desired vision.
Kyle JJ Kemper
Founder, Swiss Key Wallet
The most impressive aspect is the speed at which Radity responds to our requests.
Charles Ginguené
Le 24/24


Digitalization, Startups, Fintech and more

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Global CTO Forum

Radity is happy to sponsor the new technology ecosystem platform Global CTO Forum.


Onboarding and User Engagement

People download many apps, and they delete quite a lot of them. One of the reasons that they decide to delete them is how these...

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Our solid and versatile technology stack

Microsoft Azure
Cloud Service
.NET Core
Web Framework
JS Framework
Web Services
JS Framework
PHP Laravel
Web Framework
Mobile App Framework
Node JS
JS Runtime
Search Manager
System Loader
RPC Framework

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