Beside startups and SMEs, more than a third of SMI 20 bluechip companies use solutions we have crafted.

”I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."

Thomas Jefferson
Our team brings in a unique combination of experience from both enterprise world and the startup world.
As Radity, we have developed ebanking grade secure and scaleable SaaS solutions used by SMI Bluechip companies, Social Trading apps in Fintech Space, matching and booking platforms for healthcare market. Before founding Radity, we have accumulated significant experience in Consulting, Digitalization, Banking, Reinsurance and Ecommerce.
Below you can find few examples of the work we have done.

Axcent AG

We are developing the enterprise-grade MIS system AXIS together with Axcent AG. Axcent AG's software is already used by Switzerland's largest Credit Card Processors and asset management companies. Radity has redesigned the solution and is reengineering it with .NET Core, Vue.js, and Azure Cloud Technology Stack.

CoachFrog AG

Coachfrog is a healthcare and wellness matching platform. Radity has built the platform together with Coachfrog, successfully launching the platform and delivering UX Design, Corporate Identity, and Engineering. We have also provided Coachfrog Interim CTO services.


Sherpany is one of our oldest clients. We have helped Sherpany develop their Boardroom and Shareholder voting products. Both solutions have been validated to be e-banking grade secure and are used by major global organization.


Borsala is Turkey's leading social trading platform with real stock market data. Radity has designed and developed both the web platform as well as the accompanying Android App.