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Radity Digital Platform

Robo Advisor is a multi-custodian digital wealth management platform.

Robo Advisor

We have built a digital platform for wealth management. Digital Onboarding, CRM functionality, Bank API Integration, Portfolios and Reporting. We carefully designed the Dashboard to give users a simplified overview. For enhanced security, we implemented two-factor-authentication (2FA).

  • Portfolios

  • Reporting

  • Enhanced security

Comparing Portfolios, benchmarking is something desired by clients. We focused on ease-of-use and visual appeal and added a CRM messaging system as well.

On the platform it is possible to access risk assessment on questionnaires easily, e-mail them, create PDF or HTML outputs. CRM can manage client data easily and the platform supports multi-channel communications.

  • Client Management System

  • Portfolio Comparison

  • Direct Support

Registration Wizard

We have designed and developed a registration wizard (including risk assessment and onboarding) to improve client conversions. The built-in risk assessment walks user through questions, calculates risk profile and recommends portfolio products that match to the calculated risk profile. The result is an easy, simple and elegant user interface, friction-free User Experience and improved client satisfaction.

  • Save time and cost

  • Onboarding Journey

  • Friction-free User Experience

Wizard-in-a-wizard: We implemented a 2 level nested wizard. With a dynamic structure and a risk analysis, we provided clients risk profile suggestions and helped them to make choices.

We analysed the the habits of the target audience and paid attention to fine details. Swiss mountains, private jets, the color appeal to the affluent middle-east investors using the platform.

  • Pixel perfect, readable, accessible design

  • Wizard-in-a-wizard

  • Fine details


UI/UX Design

We created flowcharts, wireframes and responsive versions of 100+ dashboard screens. Our designers worked together with our development team in the process.


Enhanced Security

Security is sometimes a top priority. Especially in regulated financial industry. Two-factor-authentication (2FA) for user logins, secured cloud, and security processes are just some of the focus points.


“Good design starts with a purpose, is flavoured with its story and enjoyed with its simplicity”

Özgür Aksakal, Radity

What technologies did we use?

Here are the tools and technologies we have utilized.

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