Web Application Design, Aesthetics vs Functionality

Aesthetics or Functionality? Or both? This is the question.

One of the mistakes we have observed repeatedly in failing web application projects is clients choosing designers based on aesthetic skills and not realizing the importance of functional design. Unfortunately the end product in such cases is a visual beauty leaving a sour taste when used.

It is often a painful process when aesthetically concerned designers and functionality concerned developer have work together. Ideas and priorities clash.

At the end of the day, a great web application requires both: An appealing aesthetic user interface which is at the same time intuitive, consistent, logical, and simple to use.

If you are just starting a new web application development project, we strongly recommend to consider both in your designer and development choices: Aesthetics and Functionality.

If you have to choose one over the other at the beginning, that would be functionality. This is why many projects start with a mockup or a prototype that emphasizes functionality before aesthetics.

If you want to learn more about our joyful and painful experiences, do not hesitate to contact us.

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29 AUGUST, 2013

To Bootsrap or not to bootstrap

No, we are not talking about bootstrapping a company. That could be a different blog article.

We are talking about Twitter Bootstrap framework. The open source front-end framework that reduces developing web application front-end times significantly. Not all designers and front-end developers like it. But most do.

Here is our take: Unless you are developing a very design centric solution Twitter Bootsrap is a good starting point. It has a good layout system. And you can customize the look and feel significantly.

If you are a big corporation (and we have lot of these here in Zurich), Twitter Bootsrap is a good candidate to standardize different application UIs, and bring consistency and coherency to them.

If you are a startup, it is a very fast and cheap way to get started. And tell us please; Which Startup wouldsay "No" to both cheap and fast.

If you have any question around Bootsrap do not hesitate to contact us.

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17 AUGUST, 2013

Our toolbox: Web Analytics Clicky

In the series of "Our toolbox" we will share the details of various tools and services we use. In no particular order.

We believe that "You can improve something only if you measure it". That is you have to have a starting point and have a goal in mind.

At Radity, for web analytics we use http://clicky.com/100547683

Clicky is an affordable, yet very rich in feature web analytics service. We are fond of being able to link it directly with application users, run daily reports, monitor uptime of our services.

Web Analytics is a fundamental part of both web marketing as well as web product/service improvement. If you need help getting Web Analytics integrated into your company, just drop us an email, or give us a call.

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29 AUGUST, 2013

Our latest project Cheepa is live

Cheepa is a Swiss price comparison engine for Books, DVDs and CDs. It checks prices and availability of items in various eshops dynamically. It was a pleasure for Radity to develop the Cheepa website and price comparison engine.

Visit Cheepa at http://cheepa.ch

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16 APRIL, 2013

Why do I use rebase instead of merge on git?

There is a simple difference between merge and rebase. Rebase retrieves changes from develop to your branch, then recommit your changes after develop merging. For example, let's create a repo:

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